Well it's been another few weeks and I am hanging in there with the 30 week program. I am just fininshing week 4. I have only missed one workout since starting, a 30 min run on a day with both swim and run. My long runs have been about 12 miles, but I am feeling a little bit of soreness on my heel and I don't want that turning into plantar fasciitis. So I am going to take it down to about 8 miles for a couple of weeks and then work it back up. Traveling on business this weekend. Had to do a double spinning class at a gym in Washignton DC (Vida Fitness). They have those RealRyder bikes that lean right and left, pretty wierd. It's not any more like a real bike than stationary spinning bikes that are totally locked in place,  just different. They have you pedal while "in a turn". But, of course there is no centrifugal force so you have to be leaning over and pulling the handlebars to the right or left. It is more of an added core workout than it is practicing pedaling through a turn (which is not the safeset thing in the first place).

Today I am in Boston. Yesterday was supposed to be my long run day, but it was snowing and I am not prepared for that, so I made it my rest day. Going to run today instead and it looks like the rain is letting up now so maybe I won't have to be on the treadmill, hurray!

I 'm stressing a bit about the upcoming Tri-related expenses. Need to sign up for Rev3 Portland ($260), my warm up for IM Canada, and I am getting close to needing new shoes. I always have to buy two matching pairs so I can have one at work and one at home. The Tri-team I just joined has a good sponsorship deal with K-Swiss so I am hoping those will work for me. Also have to put a down payment on my Canada lodging ($200).

Masters swimming has been great, our new coach is awesome. I am going to have to step up from 2 to 3 days/week soon.

The family is still tolerating my training, but they're not interested in hearing about anything triathlon related. So I am thankful for all of you here at IAmTri. I am glad I recorded the whole day of Ironman races that was broadcast on Universal Sports on New Years Day. I have just been watching one of those each time I need a motivational boost. I am also looking forward to meeting the people on my new triathlon team. I plan to start hitting the Tuesday night track workouts with them soon.

That's it for now.





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