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Ironman Texas 2012 Race Report

And a picture of the IAMTRI folks!

Ironman Texas Race Report

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Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3

I got some revenge on the course this year!

Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Race Report

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RoadID Giveaway

Blog post and giveaway link here.

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Some weekend humor - running fail style!

A humorous post for the weekend.

Link  HERE

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RoadID giveaway next week...

Blog entry

RoadID has generously agreed to donate 10% of sales to the scholarship through an affiliate agreement.  Follow this link to order and they'll automatically credit it. 

Next week they'll be assisting me with a giveaway, so follow this…


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You know you're an endurance athlete if...

Some of these might look familiar. Thanks to you guys for inspiration.


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Austin Marathon Race Report

Austin Marathon Race Report HERE

What an adventure!

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New blog posts, honoring a fallen friend and triathlon gear

About the person that inspired the scholarship I'm helping to raise money for:

Honoring a fallen friend

Part 1 of three for triathlon gear (more for the newbies)

Part 1

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Running in firefighting gear...

With the news getting involved, I figured it was time to post about what I'm doing.

Post here...

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Bandera 50k

This was a great race.  With pictures!

Bandera Race Report

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Great News!!!

Infinit Nutrition has decided to sponsor me.  They're also sponsoring my fundraising effort for the scholarships, and that fundraising means something special for other athletes.  But you'll need to check my blog for the details.

Great News

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Trainer and Treadmill (or drainer and dreadmill) Muahahahahah!

Blog post on why a trainer and a treadmill are important parts of training! http://ironultrared.blogspot.com/2011/10/why-trainer-and-treadmill-work-are-in.html

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Open letter to a fellow treadmill, uh, runner?

An open letter here:

Open letter

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A new blog location

After the summer from hell, I'm starting to put into a blog the lessons that I've learned.


My most recent post is here:


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Nightmare Ride, Ironman Philosophy

Went for a ride a few days ago.  I didn't think I'd get out because we'd had a few days of rain, and I just didn't want to ride in it.  But it cleared up and stayed mid 80's, even though it was pretty humid and had a headwind for what would have been the last half of my favorite ride.  Didn't really matter though, because there were other problems, and I had to change my route to compensate.


So I get out on the ride, and I pass the first crossover.  A mile later (5 miles in)…


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Swim faster faster...

I just reviewed my swimming times for February and March.  I've been asking questions and adjusting my technique.  And two months later, something seems to have worked.



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Cue Jaws Theme Music...

Less than three weeks away.  My run taper starts tomorrow.  The bike taper a week later.  I'm starting to get butterflies whenever I think about the race.


The best part is finding out how close knit a community triathletes are.  Strangers always willing to give advice, putting up with newbie questions.  Patient, informative and helpful.  Not once criticizing or blowing me off.  What a great group of people!

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