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A Dog's Approach to Ironman

Kona is back to quiet again.  Went for a run with the dogs down Alii Drive today and yes, there were many runners, walkers and people in the water; enjoying the active lifestyle of life in Hawaii.  But the our little town is much quieter than last week with the excitement of Ironman and all the events and…


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End of 2011 season, cue 2012!

Roughly 10 days ago I completed my first marathon.  It was a great end to a great 2011 racing season.  I ran completely within my abilities and managed to pull off a great time of 3:33:10 for my first!  I was so pumped and still am.  There still may be a 10k left in me sometime this fall, but as far as structured training goes I am done until next year.  I am going to focus on building more strength and work on some swimming/cycling techniques.  Also, this past week I joined up with a local…


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Broken Toe

Last weekend I broke my fourth toe.  It is a clean break above the main joint.

I have a half Ironman three weeks from Sunday on November 6th.

Today I saw the doctor and he stated to keep it taped and that I could run

as long as I can bear the pain and swelling.


Anyone have eny experience at this?  I was supposed to have two more weeks of base building before I taper two weeks prior to the HIM.  I am tore between running to finish base-building and letting…


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Mike's Triathlon, Fitness, &  Motivational Blog: I Must Out-Run Stress-- The Road to Peace http://mikes-tri-moto-blog.blogspot.com/2011/10/i-must-outrun-stress-road-to-peace.html?spref=twhttp://mikes-tri-moto-blog.blogspot.com/2011/10/i-must-outrun-stress-road-to-peace.html?spref=tw

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Race Report: Ironman Hawaii

Pre-race:  I got up at 4 and ate my breakfast.   My left calf was very stiff (no idea why).  I tried stretching it and massaging it, but that only made it sore so I left it alone and… Continue

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The Road to the Ironman #2 - a vision...

I have been keeping a blog of my thoughts as I go towards Ironman #2. I thought the one I just wrote was a good one for those of us winding down our training for Ironman Florida. If you have a moment to kill I hope you enjoy.




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OK, finally, in between all the moving, supervising contractors,  getting kids adjusted to school, racing and trying to find a tri-club  - and after a really long time - here's the tri-strides newsletter again :) Enjoy!



Tri Strides Newsletter site

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How much should I weigh?

Skimming through his book Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald prompted me to write this blog post. Do you ever find yourself swimming, running or cycling to lose weight? Or does weight loss come as a bonus to exercise? The question I get asked a lot is…


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Hong Kong National Triathlon Championship 2011


 For more information and photos, please visit…


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Keeping the faith

Not gonna lie - this whole training for an Ironman thing is getting hard (but that's what we love about it, right?) New post up at Road to Ironman Arizona.

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The Problem With Kona....

The problem with being in Kona is that it's exhausting.  There's always something to do and see and Ali'i is very busy and there isn't much parking.  You end up parking far away and walking to the Pier....and walking to the shops....and walking back to the car....

Being out here, you want to see everything and take part in things, but it gets tiring.  The walking wears… Continue

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Well I started training for my first Ironman and I am really struggling with the nutrition part. I've always had a healthy diet, but this past year I gained 14lbs and I'm really struggling to get it off. I run 4 miles on my lunch hour, after work I either ride or strength train. Not sure what to change at this point. any advice?

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Kona Town (Pictures)

Kona is a busy little town this time of year.  Here are some pics I've taken the past couple of days:…


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Newbe to iamtri!!!!

Sooo...I am trying to figure this out....My biggest question???? Is there a way to train with others in your local area??? If so, how do I find that on this website???

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Supplements, nutritrion, why are people so uninformed?

Question: how much time do you spend swimming, biking and running? How much did your wetsuit, bike and numerous running shoes cost you? Obviously people put forth an amazing amount of time and effort, let alone dollars for equipment, training, travel and the actual races, yet I am SO suprised at how little (most) people put into their nutrition or supplementation.

Coming from the bodybuilding world has opened my eyes to the drastic difference in supplement knowledge. I'm not saying…


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Oestringer Fitnesslauf Half marathon

Another half, marking the end of my 2011 season. The race started at 10:35, my boys did the 1.2km run at 10:40, and wanted to walk home while their parents still labored on the hills and in the late summer heat.

So we went to the race site, to be stopped and have our already picked up race bibs exchanged. Every 8?? number got something else, only Martin, who didn't have a bib yet, got spared. Then some warm up - oh my this area is hilly. Then race start. The race began with a solid…


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