It has been argued that if you announce a goal publicly, you may have more incentive to work harder to acheive it. Of course wih Ironman what we want and what we get are sometime two different things .. but in the belief that hard work pays off, and consistent with the above statement, I am going to share my goals for IMTX - as I feel it will make me work harder to achieve them.


Swim - sub 1:05 (non-wetsuit) / sub 1:00 wetsuit.

Bike  - sub 4:50 

Run  -  sub 3:25


Total Goal - sub 9:30


I have set myself a tough task, but one that may be at the upper limits of my current/2012 ability. This is not an opportunity to chest thump - but rather one to simply make a commitment to yourself! Whether you are sub 9 or sub 17 hours, just shout it out. It will let us see who we might end up racing next to on the day and allow us start to bond now, so we can encourage eachother even more on the day. Feel free to share! 

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I like your reply because my mantra is "Concentrate on the process and the results will take care of themselves." That said, I would like to qualify for Kona again. I raced last year with a stomach flu and it was a very difficult day (my husband is actually holding me up in the finishing pic). So what ever time it takes, hopefully that is the time I will have. We shall see what the day brings.

I'd like to go under 11 hours:

swim: 1:20

bike: 5:25

run: 3:50

That said, I know I'll be fighting the heat.  I've been treated for heat exhaustion twice, and am particularly susceptible to heat-related injury.  If I feel it coming on, I'll probably have change my goal to simply finish the race.  It's my first one, anyway, so I suppose the most important goal is to finish the race.

I, too, was a heat injury twice a few years ago...two things I did for IM Texas for last year that really made a difference:  (1) Nuun tablets in my water and (2) Train yourself for the heat by training at the hottest part of the day when possible...bring water with you but resist drinking it unless you need to. 


***Don't dehydrate yourself due to bathroom breaks on the bike...drink plenty and pee on yourself and then rinse it off with water.  You'll be nasty anyway...  Put a spare pair of socks in your bike to run transition bag so you can change socks before the run.

My goals are as follows:


1 dont forget that this is number 30 you are going to finish

2 timewise

swim 1h02-1h05

Bike 5h

Run 3h20

total time of 9h35 to 9h45


As I'm a big guy the run depends on the heat at the day of the IM 9h20 is European hot and medium humid. This year in Kona I run a 3h30 versus a 3h17 in Germany with 13C and rain



Hi Guys!  Great idea with posting your goal.  Only 102 days to go!  

Swim Goal: 1:40

T1: 10 min

Bike: 8 hours 

T2: 10 min

Run: 6.5 hours 

Total: 16:30 hours. Don't have to be fast, just finish! 

Gina - your goal times are exactly the same as my second goal. First goal is to simply finish as this is my first IM.


I am also one of your yours! We will meet the entire race!

Swim Goal: 1:40

T1: 10 min

Bike: 7 hours 

T2: 10 min

Run: 6.0 hours 

Total: 15:30 hours! See you there!

How much do you weigh? I'm 155 lbs. Quick personal opinion: ~250 cal/hr on bike, 180-200 cal/hr on run, drink to thirst, drink with any calorie intake. Electrolytes are a big debate but I'll do the equivalent of 2-4 caps of SaltStick/hr.

Acclimate for humidity a month or so out from the race. Will it be hot and humid enough in Ft Wayne? If not, add a layer of clothing or do something else to simulate.

One more thing - it is possible to disappoint yourself by having a time goal for your first. I had one for mine and missed it. Even though I should have been completely thrilled and happy, there was a note of disappointment that shouldn't have been there. Regardless of your time DON'T let that happen. Enjoy the experience, embrace the journey, and be happy to cross the line.

Hello y'all...

I've followed this discussion group for awhile and want to share my goals with the hopes that it will motivate me to keep training hard...Of all my previous 14 IMs, my best race was 2011 IMTX, with a finish of 11:37. It was a race I've always dreamed about having, where all the pieces of the puzzle came together.  That race last year was awesome, and I'm excited to being returning to do it again.. I hope that my race this year goes as follows:

Swim = 1:35

T1 + T2 = 10m

Bike = 5:30

Run = 4:05

My goal finish is between 11:20 to 11:30...Anything faster than last year....But being human and knowing that the weather can't be predicted, I know that anything can happen on race day...So with that in mind, I'll be happy just to make it to the finish if my race doesn't go as planned...

Happy training to y'all...I feel so bad for those who are battling blizzards and snowy weather....The weather in Hawaii is picture postcard perfect....so I have no excuse about training hard everyday....hope to see some of you at the Welcome Dinner group table...

yesterday 8k off the bike -32C



Hi guys, my goals .... As is my first IM will try to emjoy it but like to go hard always... Here are my wishes based in todays times acomplishmemts:

Swim (my weak link)
T1+t2= 10mins +o-
Hope and will train and try to pass the finish line under 10:20
Hope to meet some of you there bros...

add 30-60min as it is your first as long as you dont have a strong endurance history




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