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A question to the resident people is there a bike shop in town for catridges spare parts servicing of the bike etc..





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I googled 'the woodlands texas bike shop' and found 3. They (LBS) look close and should have cartridges, servicing etc.  There is also the official bike rep that is on site.  They can do repairs and do sell stuff, but  plan accordingly to give time to get what you need as they and likely LBS will be busy.   As well most may or may not carry Campi stuff so be warned.  I know my LBS hear in Richardson carries campi but it's several hundred miles away.  I think you will be ok for minor repair, CO2, etc.

I don't live there but I have to give a big thumbs up to Bikeland just on the east side of i45 freeway. They bent over backwards for me prior to this year's race when I arrived in town with something wrong with my bike. Turned out to be a broken rear derailleur. They replaced it and got me going without gouging me in my desperate time of need. They had to overnight the part and got the job done before promised. They also got me my nutrition, CO2, etc. I can't give them better praise than to say that my ride in the race was COMPLETELY unaffected and exceeded expectations.


Thanks to everybody for the usefull information




I live in the area... bikelane and bikeland are both good options.  My opinion is that bikelane is a little more tri oriented / friendly, so quite a bit more triathlon inventory.  I can also vouch for the mechanic there... he is fantastic!  Nothing against Bikeland at all... both are east side of I-45, with bikelane being just before college park Drive and Bike land about a mile south.

thanks for the inside is all noted




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