We all have our own training plans, but I do love to see what everyone does....if you want to share, here's the place to do it!

Happy training everyone!

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I did an 11 mile trail run. Felt great! and my dogs are tired, hooray for that one!

Nice, ya couldn't squeeze out two more miles and make it a half marathon. :) 

ACTUALLY..that was my original goal..well..around 12-13 miles but I chose a singletrack trail that was alot more steeper up/down than I knew. Slowed me down. But it was fun and my nutrition was ON!

Amy- I did a brick workout.  50 minutes on my bike on the indoor trainer.  Then went outside and did a 5 mile interval run.  2 sets of the following:

2 min at 6:15pace, 2 min recovery jog, 2 min at 6:15pace, 90 sec recovery jog, 2 min at 6:15 pace, 60 sec recovery jog, 2 min at 6:15pace, 30 sec recovery jog, 2 min at 6:15pace

Hope everyone had a great training day!


Good grief that's a fast pace Nick!!!! Great job!

I tried to do my ez 1 hour swim-but the water was so cold we got out after 45 minutes.  It was 70 degree pool water.  I guess I should have worn a wetsuit!

But you got in the 45 mins! Good job!

60 minutes of threshold on the bike + 30min transition run

3k swim

Getting close!

It is!! Exciting!! Good workout!!


Monday = rest & massage YIPIEE!!  Tues 25 mile bike & supposed to be 1H swim - still feeling tired from Sunday's marathon & I was just a sinking toad in the water.  Managed 35 water logged minutes.  Weds 2H 20min run (REALLY!?!) we'll see how that goes this afternoon - absolutely beautiful AZ weather!  Success of marathon was that I ran the whole thing (I am NOT a runner!!!) & I had a reasonably good time - beautiful scenery - ok it was slow & a lot hillier than the "downhill" marketing - but I ran the whole thing (walked water stations) and had the nutrition spot on!!  Big confidence boost!!!

Everybody seems to have good nutrition, any help would be appreciated. I think mine is good but not great, I wanna be able to feel when it is in sync with me.

My training goes something like this, Mon. Wed, Fri. I swim for 45 min to 1 hour, ride a spin bike 90 min which is usually about 30 miles, and finish with a 45 min to 1 hour run on the treadmill at about a 10 min mile and 2-4 degree incline. 

Tues I try to concentrate on swimming with a float and work on my form and breathing, Thur and Sat is bike or run I mix them up. I try to incorporate a little strength and core training in there as well. I may substitute Tue, Thu, Sat with the strength training depending on how I feel. Somedays like today I am just wiped out and run down, I need to up my nutrition.

Curt, I think as far as nutrition goes, eating "clean" is as good as you can do. Cut out the processed crap, fatty meats, excessive alcohol and sweets. Now and then allowing yourself something is normal and is good for both your body and your mind. Enjoy it!

I also highly recommend a recovery drink of some kind. Simple as chocolate milk blended with a banana/blueberries/baby spinach or an actual "Recovery" drink from a company. I'm a huge fan of Hammer Nutrition's "Recoverite" in chocolate of course. :)
My nutrition on the bike/run is still in experimentation phase. I use to soley use Hammer Nutrition but it's almost like my body as adapted to it, doesn't respond and just isn't getting what it needs from it. The past few long rides/runs I've used 1st Endurance from EFS. Sweet but tolerable. Since Ironman Perform is on the course for bike and run, in the next few weeks, I'll change to it to start "stomaching" it. OH the things we do!!


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