Does anybody have any suggestions on wetsuits?  I'm planning on getting a new one soon and haven't bought one before.  I have a decent one that was given to me years ago, but it's not made for swimming, and I've used my dad's on longer tri's, but it's a size too big for me.  I'm thinking one with long sleeves and long legs because it seems most of the tri's I've been doing have been quite cold.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Long sleeve! Check out Xterra..they are always having really good sales on both their regular and sleeveless. My full is a QR and I love it, but it's going into it's 4th season and I'm ready to get a new one. My sleeveless is an Xterra and I've never worn it. If I could afford a new wetsuit today, hands down, I'd but the new TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature.

Brady-I bought my first new wetsuit last year a BlueSeventy and really like it. My first full wetsuit, a 2xu is for sale. I bought it from a guy in Hawaii who was sponsored-it's a size MT, a good deal if you're interested.


Instead of buying a brand, I suggest trying on and swimming in several different suits to find one that fits you well.It should be tight enough that it doesn't take on a lot of water, but not so tight that it constricts your breathing. The fit on dry land is not the same as the fit in the water. Different brands are cut differently and fit different body types. You can shop wetsuits and actually swim in their endless pool at TriSports in Tucson. Or you can buy and try a lot of wetsuits until you find a good fit like I did. I could of flown to Tucson for what I've spent on wetsuits. LOL.  Some companies may let you swim in them and send them back if you don't like them. Whatever you do, swim with the wetsuit in the pool and then open water several times simulating race pace. This is where you will determine if you can breathe in the suit and if it rubs you raw. Race pace in the chaos of an open water swim is what you want to practice best you can. It is much different than swimming in the pool. Remember, the water at St. George is cold - in the 50's. Swim a few times in cold water to see how you react. I can't swim in water that cold without a neoprene cap, but many can. Good Luck!



Thanks everybody for the replies.  I'm hoping to go to a tri store soon to get an idea of the different types.  It's sounding like I need to try them on instead of ordering online.  Based on the water temp for the swim I'm planning on a full body one.  And Terry based on your reply I think I will hit the Tri store a bit further away because they have a swimming area hooked on with their store, I didn't think about the differences in fit trying them on and swimming.  

Whitney- does the size MT stand for medium-tall?  If so, it probably wouldn't work for me....I'm not on the tall side.  I'm about 5'7" 170 lbs.  But otherwise I would be very interested.  

Brady you are right, it's a medium tall-I'm 5'10" 165#. Terry mentioned Trisports, they are great to work with and helpful even over the phone. They have a return policy letting you swim once in a wetsuit and still return it. I bought mine from them last year and returned 1 after a swim, no questions or problems.

Good luck

Good to know about Trisports!


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