If you would like to sit with the IAMTRI group at the athlete dinner, please RSVP here!

Yes, family is welcome too!

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Is this the night before the race?  Sorry I have not been keeping up much with the site, but been trying to keep up with the workouts :)

It's Thursday night. Friday is the drive all over to different transistions to drop stuff off. *L* Sat race day!

Please add myself & husband Jay to the list : )  - I look forward to meeting my on-line friends!!  Thank you for coordinating this!!!

Please add myself and my wife, Michelle.

I'd like to come, Amy! Not sure about the hubby, though, as he'll have duty watching The Two Year Old, most likely. Hope you are kicking butt!

My hubby and kids have never come to the athlete dinner. When I asked them the first year my daughter looked at me and I kid you not, said "One triathlete is enough, not a whole room full". REALLY! *LOL* So Cyndi, you can sit next to me!!!

Thanks, Amy! :-) Well, I think his world of road bike racing is more insane, but I see your point. The Two Year Old rarely sits still for anything these days.

Put me down for 2 please Amy.  Thank you!

Myself plus two.  Thanks!

2 Seats for Patty and Bev-Thanks Amy!

Amy, once again, thanks for all you do.  Please add just one more person - me.  After all, none of my boys will be able to race - school conflicts.  I might have my baby w/me, but he can sit in my lap.  Take care & happy training.  I got my bike back, I almost bought another one, but I'm glad I didn't because I'm saving to get a nice one next year.

Me, plus one


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