So for those of you that have done the race before, what is the rough width of the starting area? How far out do they narrow you down to the buoy line? Suggestions on starting positions? Left side of center looks like it gets pinched in sooner? I'm looking to swim around 57-58 (although past times look pretty slow, so maybe a few min slower), and typically like clean water to start and to pull into the pack from the side about 200-300 out... I'm thinking that I'm starting front line (or 1 back) right of center? Any thoughts or experiences!?! Thanks!

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The fastest swimmers start at the left to the middle, the slowest all the way right.  There is always a hole 3/4 over from the left.  If you start over towards the right, the turn bouy is straight out.  I will be there to meet with whoever wants at Independance Point the Thursday and Friday before at 7 am like last year to show you the best places to sight off of!!!

Thanks Connie, I'll definitely be out there on Friday am to check out the landmarks and test out the water!

I will also be out there on Thursday adn Friday.  Getting used to the colder water will help come race day.

How cold is the water? I am trying to choose a race for 2013, but i don't do well in the cold

2011 it was 53, 2010 & 2009 around 57


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