Hi all, I am behind on finding a place to stay for the race.  I tried all the recommended hotels per the Ironman site, but all are booked.  Does anyone have any recommendation?  Thanks!

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Hi, you might try liberty lake WA or post falls ID. Both are within about 20 to 25 mins from CDA.

Try Holiday Inn Express Triple Play 208-772-7900.  Its only 5 miles away, great prices, really nice and clean.  Really anywhere in Cda, Hayden, Post Falls is going to be nice, clean, great neighborhoods!!!

Page 18 has the hotel prices from the host hotels and a little info.  That was some time ago and I don't know what has filled up now but you can get a general idea about the hotels.  Hope it helps.

LaQuinta Inn 208-667-6777 on Sherman

AmeriTel Inn 208-375-2323 on Ironwood

Comfort Inn 208-664-1649 on 4th

Holiday Inn Express 208-667-3100 on Seltice

Holiday Inn Express 208-772-7900 on Orchard

Resort City Inn 877-440-4667 on Sherman

Hamton Inn 208-769-7900 on Riverstone

Days Inn 208-667-8668 on Northwest Blvd

feel free to email me at ctprice7@frontier.com or call 208-664-5678

We got rooms at Guest House Inn for $99 per night.

Thank you all for your help! I ended up booking at Guest house Inn.

Just had a friend tell me they cancelled their reservations at the Holiday Inn Express in Hayden this morning.  You might be able to snag it if you're still looking.  Good luck!

If anyone is interested in renting a home, message me. I have a friend with a home in the downtown area (walking distance to swim start and finish line) that is looking to rent it out for several days around ironman. It is 2 bedroom 1 bath. Message me for more details!


Happy Training :)

Still looking for Place - 5 BDR 3 Bath  on Lake -2 min walk from start Sleeps 8 people - $1 k per night - email tporcarelli@yahoo.com

I just had to cancel my reservations for a home close to start and town and half a block off course. I think 3 bedroom two bath $400 per night. Here is link. If someone takes it, I can get my deposit back and you. An get a great place to stay. Even has cruiser bikes to get around with and saves $$$ by being able to eat in! Check it out!http://spokane.craigslist.org/vac/3028973623.html


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