As we get closer to race day my wife has started looking over the course maps and trying to make a plan for where to see me on race day. Do any of the IMKY veterans out there have advice on what has worked for their "support crew" in the past? I am thinking of getting the My Athlete Tracker to help her out but any good places to watch you could recommend are appreciated. Thanks!

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Joe, are you from Louisville?  I always have my family and friends on the 393 at cedar point rd. it really helps me get up the hills and the support is very much needed in that area, or Oldhan County High School is also on the 393 and may be easier for her to find.  LaGrange may be the easier option if she is not familiar with Louisville but it may be hard for you to spot your wife since there are so many people in LaGrange.  If she is driving, she can also stop at the Sutherlands neighborhood  which wraps from the end of River Rd. around the corner onto the 42.  The main entrance is on 42 but there is also an entrance off River Rd.  Then she can still get out to 393 or LaGrange to see you again.  Hope this helps!  Good Luck!

We watched a buddy of my a few years ago and it worked out great.  We saw him at T1 and then headed for the bus.  Hopped the bus and went out to La Grange.  Saw him on both passes through town, had some lunch and got the bus in time enough to see him at T2.  With the out and back nature of the run we saw him several times, including his finish.  It's a great venue for spectators.


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