So I'm packing my bags and wondering where to put the race belt with my Bib number.  Reading the rules can be confusing.  Some places I have read the Bib number must be worn on the bike also, but emails such as this from Ironman stating rules from the Ref: " * You must wear your bib number during the run portion of the race. Your bike frame number must be properly attached to your bike and must be visible."   leads me to think the bib number is not required on the bike.   Don't want the flappy bib on the bike if I don't have to have it.  Put the race belt in the bike pile or the run pile?

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Good question Brian and I am not 100% sure, but I am thinking doing IMFL 2011 we did wear the bib number on the bike and most turned the belt around so the number and name was pointing backwards.  I remember this because as you pass and others pass you they can call out your name because it is at the bottom on the bib number.

Brian my race belt with my bib will be in my T2 bag. On the bike we will have our bib on our helmet and bike. It is unclear, but I have always just used it on the run.

The last four years you had to wear it on the bike. Ask on Friday.

When I checked in today, the nice gentleman told me specifically (without asking) that I only needed my #/belt on the run and NOT the bike. fyi


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