This is a place to show everyone your ride and race day set up. You can also ask questions IF you have any about your set up that may help you be as aero as possible on race day.

 I highly recommend that everyone do plenty of rides WITH their race day set up. Train how you race rides if you will. You do not want to train with half of what you intend to use on race day.

Example......if you train with one water bottle all the time and then decide to race with 3, the added weight might throw you off a little. It's also important to practice with your set up so you have a system. If you are running 3 bottles what are you going to have in each bottle, where are you going to put them, and in what order...

My set up:

Bike - Trek Speed Concept w/HED H3 front wheel and HED Jet disc. Both Clinchers!

Bottle on aero bars will be water. It's a Profile Design HC Mount that I find more aero than the PD Aero Drink. The HC allows you to hide the bottle with your arms in the aero position. Here is a link. A steal for 15.00


Bottle on the downtube will be water/IM Perform mix. This is the Bontrager Speed bottle. Very aero.


Rear bottle behind the seat will contain my Infinite Nutrition. It's a single Bontrager RXL mount.


I will also have some gels that I'll keep in my tri top to use as needed. My spare tire kit will be inside my Speed Box.

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You'll notice the actual concrete is a little different at the base of the door. :-)

A pic from today!

What a sweet looking ride! Yes, it looks very fast :)

Thank you. He is awesomely fast.

Very nice bike Jonathan. Looks fast!!!

ok, my last long winded question for the day - i have a very entry level road bike (fuji 2.0) with PD aerobars. my components are all very base level (shimano sora, i think). i'm ok with riding a road bike for the tri, but is it worth upgrading the components to like shimano 105's? seems like my shifting is never smooth, no matter how many adjustments are made. i don't know how much of that is me, and how much of it is the bike. if given the choice, would you upgrade all the things you could on the current bike or look for a base model tri bike?
Well I guess what you are expecting from the race. I am not one of these people that has one of these beautiful machines, I have a Giant Trinity 1 that will be entering its 5 year of use. Never upgraded any of my components but I have taken care of it. I battle with your question every year. Even though my bike cost more than my first car (1982 ford pinto) I wonder if I go up to a $5000 grand bike or improved the wheels set how much of a difference would it really make? Probably some, but not as much as making me a better rider, getting to my race weight, a proper bike fitting or even an aero helmet. So there are things one can work on or do before getting that new bike.

That being said these bikes are very pretty...

My baby - Felt B2 (except I have Cosmic Carbone wheels on it now). I switched out my Adamo seat for the Cobb Vflow Max. So comfy. I am going to be carrying a lot of water with me during training in race day. Not racing light in that department. I have a bike bag on the back too for spare tires. I will be carrying two tubes with me because I believe in playing it safe and managing risk as much as possible :)

Nice looking bike Amy. So you like your Cobb seat? I may have to switch mine out for something else.

I'll butt in ;)  I was hemming and hawing last month on whether to change saddles, but finally went for a Cobb (Max) due their really generous return policy (which I won't be needing -- love it).  Beyond that, preference is so personal. Amy's so right about needing to adjust your fit after. Changing just that one item let me drastically improve my position and I look forward to rides so much more.  Go for it!

Didn't you like your Adamo saddle? I love mine! I haven't found anything better.

I liked it but was getting saddle sores (tmi!) so I wanted to try one that was a bit more narrow. Both are pretty good options. If you want to try a new one do it early and make sure they re-fit you. They had to adjust my seat angle because at first it was killing my back. After they fixed that it was perfect again.


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