Debbie asked about training plans so I thought I would create a discussion to see what plans different members were using.  What plan are you following? (The more detail you can provide the better; name of program, website, length, focus, etc...)  Share away!  Here is her post......


Debbie Pfledderer ...... Hello future/veteran Louisville Ironmen. I'm not sure where to post this so excuse me if I'm in the wrong place. I was just wondering what training plans everyone will be using for IMKY 2012 (sorry if this question has already been asked). I am struggling to find one. I do have one that a friend gave me. He's used it twice and its 37 weeks long. He's very good too so I trust his plan.....just wondered what other options there were for me. Any advice regarding training plans I am completely open too. Thanks everyone.

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I use the 26 week plan in the book "Training Plans for Multisport Athletes. Don Finks book "Be Ironfit " also has 3 plans to choose from. The plans in Matt Fitzgeralds book require some translation to figure out from day to day, I feel like the plans in the other two books are a little easier to follow.

Laurie, I thought the same thing at first. When Jeff showed me Matt Fitzgeralds book in September it might as well have been in Spanish. LOL. I bought it anyway....picked out a plan (out of 10 to choose from) and put it in an excel spreadsheet. (By the way, I would've had to do that no matter what plan I used though.) I'm the type of person that needs to see my whole training schedule from day to day...week to week....from start to finish so that I know what is coming up. And yes, I even color coded it as well. I'm a geek. Once I did that and had everything laid out for me it is going to be very easy to use. I even flipped a couple days around since swimming works better for me on T/TH/Sa/Su. I'm always interested though, in what plans everyone is using....and how many weeks everyones schedule calls for. Good luck.

don't forget that yours is rate of percieved exersion....unlike others that seem simple but require constat hr monitoring. thats the simplicity of matt's plan. a few abbreviations and codes woopy! not hr monitors needed. constantly measuring and monitoring takes the fun out for me. plus it takes another chunck out of the budget.  happy training!

lol..Brian that was my same experience with Muncie as well and it was my first 70.3 as well.  I bought several books but have decided to bite the bullet and go with a coach and learn as much as I can from them to the point I could do on my own.  Congrats on signing up and happy training!!


I used this free 36-week online training plan. 


 I followed this plan and did about 90 - 95% of the total training volume listed.  I shifted some days around once in a while to accomodate having a life.  I also skipped a few training sessions (5-10%) due to fatigue or family obligations.  Using this training plan, I felt very prepared for IMLOU 2011, and had a great day.  I've learned that putting in training miles just to complete what your schedule says, is not the best method.  You need to get value out of the time you are investing.  You should always have a goal for your workout session, whether it's speedwork, endurance, or recovery.  If your training sessions have a purpose, they will mean more, as well as build your confidence that you are getting closer to your goal.

This is what I'm using with a slight modification. I found the times for the longest rides were short for my pace. I would be hitting 85-90 miles maximum. So, multiplied times for runs and rides on the weekends by 1.19 to add 19% more time as I assume the times were set based on folks significantly faster than I. I used this plan to prepare for the race I couldn't start (I had done all but the taper) because of an illness in the family. I did not feel ready because my longest ride was 87 miles and my longest run was 17 miles. I think I need to at least do 1 or 2 century's. I'm less worried about the running, but a little more should about balance out for me, I think.

I too thought this plan was for a faster athlete than myself.  I ended up doing a long ride of 87 Miles (given the ride times), and long run of 15 Miles.  I was worried about tackling the longer distances during the race, but everything worked out great.  I had expected a swim of 1:35 - 1:45, bike of 7:00, and run of 4:30 to 5:30, depending on how I held up.  I ended up with a swim of 1:27, bike of 6:50, and run of 4:25.  I know the weather was ideal this year, but I felt like this program had me where I wanted to be with the training distances I listed above.  Just like people don't usually run a full marathon in training before they run one, I feel like if you build the fitness over the 9 months of this program, you will be in a good position to finish stong for your abilites.  I don't know what your goal times are, but these were good times for me, and I felt great all day.  It was hard for me to believe, but I didn't have any issues all day.

Eric, that is reassuring. I would prefer to do less, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing!

So is it possible that someone smarter and perhaps more experienced than I would be interested in putting together a group and selecting a plan to use.  This would really helpful for those of Iron Distance first timers having a group that is all on the same schedule for training.  Plus the group mentality may help keep motivation up. 

Anyone using BeginnerTriathlete's 20 week plan?  I have been using this site to log my training for almost 3 years now.  You can download the training plan right into your workout log which is sort of cool.  Best part is that it's free! 





Brian, do you feel this 20 week plan prepared you for Ironman?

To clarify, I have never completed an IronMan.  I use BeginnerTriathlete to log my workouts and as a resource for training/race information which would be similar to this site.  I know this is a popular plan that is often used on that site.  The fact that it imports right into my training log is the only reason I was interested.  I ordered the book that was discussed on here as well so I will consider them both as an option.  No matter which plan I use, I will still log my training on BT.


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