The feedback you folks have given on the swim and the bike has been great. I guess it would be great to hear about the feedback on the run course.

Running though my favorite out of the three to do, always is a struggle for me no matter if it is a 5k or finishing that little 26.2 cool down after the swim and the bike. I am not the fastest and probably will never be the fastest but I am OK with that as long as I put in my best effort even though that probably means walking a good portion of the 26.2 cool down.

This is what I know - 

  • Two loop course
  • generally an aid station about every mile
  • hot
  • hot
  • hot

Anything to add?

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Jim, I am right there with ya! Its gonna be a great cool down! The sun's got to go down sometime between 7am and midnight!

95% flat with the biggest climb being the grade up/down the bridge you cross on an out and back.  Decent shade through some portions (middle of each loop);  Like other Ironman events (Wisconsin included) they tease you after the first loop with a view of the finish line, but you still have about 12 miles left. Yes hot hot hot most years.

An FYI.....T2 and the Finish Line (on 4th Street) are about 3/4 miles apart.  If you have a sherpa you can give them a bike/gear pick up card so you don't have to schlep down to transition after your race.  Last year we let athletes and their sherpa into transition once everyone was through T2/after the bike cut-off (about 6:30pm)

im sure i read that they were providing a shuttle service from the finish area to T2. 

either way, i'll still have to "shlep" down there to pickup my bike :/

When I run in Ironmans I have built in shade, it is called night time. As far as the Sherpa thing, funny this is my third and the volunteers aren't stepping up like the first two. Hmm... Interesting. I don't know why they wouldn't enjoy getting up a 5 am, sitting around in the 90 degree all day to see me for about 90 seconds total and staying awake until 1 in the morning. Sounds like fun to me.



This is exactly what I tell people (besides my family, they do have to suffer) when they say they want to come and watch me do the IM. 

What is a Sherpa?

just a nickname for a helper/friend to come along and assist with pre-race morning stuff. hold your pump, pat you on the back etc :)

If you can get one (friend, family, etc) do it!!!! It is the BEST not having to pick up your bike!

I disagree.  It is a good cooldown and way to loosen your legs after the finish line cooldown.  I had some finish line goodies and a (few) Guinness and fish and chips at the Bluegrass Brew Pub a few blocks north/east of the finish.  My wife and I then walked down and grabbed the bike, best thing for my legs. 

I heard most places to eat close around 10. Is that true? I would love to grab food afterwards, but I do not think I will finsh before then.



 A Sherpa is a trials bike made by Bultaco in the '70's.  LOL at least in my world that's what it is... er.... was.






Dint'l forget that it'll Hot.
Seriously, the way the weather is going now it will most certainly be hot & sticky.
So, do everything you can now to acclimate and prepare for the heat.
There are some other "climbs" you'll encounter on tired legs.
A RR bridge underpass that dips down & up (seen twice) and another grade (twice) under a freeway overpass.


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