I was just wondering what everyone's goal times are and what your experience level in the IM.


This is my first IM and would like to finish... period.  That being said, I think I would be happy with a 14hr finish time. Anything before that is gravy.

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More stinkin money!


This will be my first Ironman distance, although I will be completing two 70.3 events here in my area leading up to the event. I want to finish, yes. My competitive nature suggests I work my butt off in training to finish with a respectable time based off my ability. For now, 13 hours or less. That number can change, depending on how my training goes and the results I have in the Cardinal Harbor 70.3 and Taylorsville 70.3.

Lets say 1.5 hours for swim, 6 hours or less for the bike, and 5 hours or less for the run.

My goal is sub 10 hours.  My absolute dream time would be 9:45 but it depends on the conditions.  This will be my second Ironman.  My first was last year at IMKY where I went 10:30.  My mantra for this year is :50, 5:15, 3:30

Finish Time - Hmm - I'll be happy to show up.

Completely agree.  If I see the finish line before midnight, I'm going to be quite happy.  Realistically I'd like to come in around 13 hours but I just want to finish my first IM distance.

I have no idea what to expect.  This is my first IM.  My most recent marathon time was 3:54.  My best bike pace in a tri was 19mph for an Oly, but I averaged more like a little over 17 for the HIM (My time was 3:16.)  My HIM swim time was 45 though I'm hoping that will improve :)  Any idea of what I should be shooting for?

aim to finish ;)  what times are possible from those, i would estimate, 1:20 + 7:30 + 5:15 + (15 T's) (14:20) thats still ok for a first timer. you shouldnt get carried away with achieving goal times, cause you just never know how your day will unfold. be really interesting to see if my "guesstimates" are close tho :)

It's a daily recalibration, today's incarnation: Swim-2 + Bike-7 + Run-4....  Guess that's 13 hours.  Figure I have to beat 16:15 at least to make the trip home slightly more enjoyable. LOL

sunset is at 8:20pm so I ' want ' to finish in 13:19 

I would like to beat sunset too.  I feel alot better soaking in the sun!  I had a chance to take a promotion in Alaska, my wife told me that I act horrible when I don't get my light treatment daily and that I went north I'd be going alone.  Said there was no way she was going to deal with me during 3-4 months of darkness.

the swim start time may throw things out though.

It's a time trial, everyone's in within 5 minutes so it won't matter. Nothing ridiculous like 9am starts like they do at some 70.3s, I hate how they started spacing the age groupers out like they did at Racine last year over a 2 HOUR period. It's makes it seem less like a race and more like they're sending out groups of people to receive a punishment. 


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