i have a question regarding aid stations both bike and the run legs.

bike) where are they positioned, or how far apart?  locations would be better to know, and where abouts is the special needs aid for the bike located?

run) what intervals are they apart? im probably assuming they're going to be a mile apart... and where abouts is the special needs located on the run leg?

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Um I hope not. I remember getting a free case of the stuff for IMWI2010 and right off the bat my stomach did not agree with it. Sadly I am not sure if there would be a better choice, since most of those types of drinks I don't agree with. 

I reached out to Ironman on 5/14/12 to see what was being offered at this year's race.  Here is their response:


"...Bonk Breakers and GU wil be provided on the bike and run course at the 2012 Ironman Louisville.  The Bonk Breaker and GU flavors are tentatively scheduled as:


Bonk Breaker:

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Apple Pie



Vanilla Bean

Strawberry Banana



Blueberry Pomergranate

Cherry Lime






Ironman PERFORM will also be provided, Lemon Lime on the bike and Orange-Mango on the run."


Good info Tim, thanks!  I'm going to copy and post this in our RESOURCES discussion also for future reference.


I don't know why it didn't occur to me to ask, but this is exactly what I was wondering yesterday as I grabbed more GU.  Thanks for posting.


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