i have a question regarding aid stations both bike and the run legs.

bike) where are they positioned, or how far apart?  locations would be better to know, and where abouts is the special needs aid for the bike located?

run) what intervals are they apart? im probably assuming they're going to be a mile apart... and where abouts is the special needs located on the run leg?

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on the Bike the stationa are about 10 miles apart.
Actually the 1st is just a couple of miles after T1. You'll hit therr of them twice on the bike loop. and the last one not tooo far from T2 on your way back to T2.

On the run you'll have an aid station essentially every mile.

I believe if you look in last years Athletes Guide that you can find on the Ironman Louisville website they have a lot of the information you are asking for. But the synopsis:

Bike: They are approximently every 10miles, last year there was only one that was substaintially longer but I cant remember how far apart is was, I want to say 16miles. Maybe someone else who did the race remembers? The special needs bag station was just to the far end of La Grange so really you had two opportunities to access it.

Run: They had aid stations every mile. I remember seeing the special needs station, its in front of a big brick building... but I cant remember for the life of me what the mile marker it was. But because the run is two times out and back you pass it 4 times.

Here is what I remember for the bike:  

first aid station on the bike was about mile 7 (still on river rd) 

second on 1694 just after the turn around mile 22

third & sixth on 393 before the turn on 146 mile 35 and 66 

special needs station was right after the turn on to 146 mile 36 and 67 

fourth & seventh on lesprit pkwy mile 48 and 78

fifth & eighth on 42 at mile 55 and 86. 

I can't remember if there was another aid stop on the way back in or not.  I know it was long distance from last aid before getting back to t2 if memory holds true so make sure to fill up for the trip home into the potential head wind from the west....darn prevailing winds with the 'rolling hills' make this such a fun bike course. 


The run course is great lots of trees on good roads.  Aid station every mile at least.  The turn around is about mile 8 and mile 20.  specials needs stop from what i remember is about mile 12/13 and so that would make it about mile 24/25 on lap two.


Hope that info helps

Special needs stop on the bike is about mile 67-68 (second LaGrange loop......you CANNOT access SNB on first loop).  Other info provided by previous responders is on target re: where aid stops are located, etc...

great info, thanks especially robert.  i do have the course in whole and parts to ride GPS training using Tacx fortius - which i can do it all in google earth, and it helps me know where the stations are.

on the run leg, seeing that you go past the special needs twice, im wondering is it allowed or possible to stop on the first time, access (some) of your needs, and give your bag back to reclaim it again the second time?

On the aid station goodies is there a specific flavor they stock or is it a veritable grab bag of flavors?  If they stick with a certain one I will train with that one.  I would perefer not to have to buy and suffer through every disgusting flavor known to mankind  (Mocha anything.... EEEWWWWWW).

GU keeps running ads in Triathlete Magazine about being the energy gel sponsor again for Ironman events.  Does anyone know if we are going to have Powerbar gels & Perform or GU gels at Louisville?  Also, specific flavors that will be on the course for both drinks and gels would be a great tidbit of information for all of us with GI problems that need to train our stomachs.

Looks like it's gonna be GU - they've got their logo and link on the IM Louisville page.... (yippeee...  I train with Roctane.)

im going to make sure i have my own GU's, and not rely on what's offered; just take banana's and perhaps something a bit more solidish every now and then.

Regardless, I'm taking my own Powerbar "Green Apple" gels. Powerbar keeps me stocked up, so I'm good to go. If you like green apple flavor, I can share. I have a few hundred packs. Its my favorite flavor and I like them better than GU. I'll keep those on me and about 4 soft pretzels in my special needs bag. Great for ride to run transitions. Very filling and not hard on the digestive track.

Saw this post on the IMSG page.  My tri friend Amy wrote WTC about this GU issue.  This is her post verbatim....She makes a bit of an assumption re: "a gel provider" here but it appears that GU may be IM events.

WTC replied back, saying this:

Hello Amy,

We are currently in the final stages of an agreement with a gel provider, therefore, we could not legally put anything into print. But do not worry – there will most certainly be gels provided on the course. I apologize for any anxiety this may have caused you – we try our best to look out for our athletes and want to make sure they have proper nutrition on course.

ssooooo..without saying it due to "legal" stuff, it seems that yes, GU will be on the course!! WAHOOOO!!!!!! I love the new GU Peanut butter!!!!! I know, I know, the chances of them having what I really want is slim, but I"m still excited that it's GU instead of Powerbar gels.

So...would they still offer Ironman Perform drink or does that remain the same?


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