I am finding that I bonk on the bike ride at about 25 -30 miles. I  am sure training is a factor, but I have just been drinking water and wonder if an energy drink would help. A friend who owns a bike shop suggests Cytomax, Any suggestions and experience here is appreciated.

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Recommending the right nutrition is like recommending what color a bike a person should ride/buy.

It is so individualized: do you want to loose wt., are you a heavy sweater, do you want caffeine, protein and amino acids, what flavor and how strong, liquid vs gels vs solid food, < 300 cals/hr., concentration for 1 up to 4 hours worth, easy steady ride vs intervals and/or hill repeats, etc.

For me I need some nutrition if I go longer than two hours due to glycogen storages are getting low. It will be something you will have to experiment with and see how well you do. If your nutrition fails you like it did for me on the bike in Kona, you can do what Macca recommends (I did)....H2O, salt tabs, and Coke.  Good luck with the 4 segments in racing....swim, bike, run, and nutrition.

There are a dozen+ products out there. You need to test some yourself see and what you like.  Some may upset your stomach or you may not like the way a certain product taste. I like Gu Brew and Accelerade. Good luck and happy training.

You burn thru muscle glycogen stores in 1 1/2 - 2 hours, depending on effort. At lower effort levels your body also tends to burn more fat, especially if you train the body properly.

How you fuel and with what is very individual, as has already been said. It depends on your goals, what you are training for, what you like, and what you can tolerate. It takes experimentation, especially as you go longer.

I currently use Perpetuem and Hammer gel. Have used other stuff and tolerate it well also so I'm fortunate in that regard. I even tolerate the Ironman Perform that so many people seem to dislike. Experiment.

Hi Dick, like everyone says, nutrition is highly individualized, yesterday I went for a 50 mile ride, I had water, hammer products-gel and heed(electrolyte drink) and a power bar. I usually always take what I might need so in case I go longer I have somehting. Usually before the ride I have a nice bowl of oatmeal which really should get me through the whole ride. But I am also experimenting with the ingesting of all kinds of products for my IM. Hammer products work well for me, Accellerade is a little to sweet, sometimes on a shorter ride I might take a G2 gatordate... Keep training!

Dick--I will take plain water for a ride that is 1 hr or less.  If its more than 1 hr I take an energy drink.  I have been using Gu Brew--but as everyone else says, its very individual and you have to find out what works for your stomach.  At greater than 2 hrs I will usually start practicing my race nutrition strategy--which is to take in about 275 calories/hr.  If I haven't had a swim before I will just drink sport drink for the first hour (because the usually means I have just had breakfast or other mean and am not starting the bike already down glycogen) but then after the 1 hr mark get on the 275 cal/hr.  In a race I do all liquid nutrition but for variety in training I will mix it up a bit and do some gels, gummies etc.  But remember--I have my race nutrition already dialed in after about 3 seasons of experimenting.

As you are training on the bike--remember that you are not just training the heart, lungs and legs--you need to be training your nutrition strategy just as much--when I talk to people that have had a bad race what you hear most often is not that their training is off--its that they did not nail their nutrition. (I am guilty of it as well)

I think the replies to your question have been right on target, Dick. I personally like Accelerade as a sports drink, but often only rely only on water and Powergels (double shot caffeine)-have to drink really well with these.  On a ride longer that about 30 miles I will take a Powerbar, Accelerade and Powergels.  One ride I was out of gels and Powerbars.  New potatoes were in and I had lots already cooked, sprinkled with salt. Great meal out there and it kept me upright.  I tried lots of stuff before settling in with this.  It is an individual thing, like everyone says.

The individualization of what you drink or eat on a ride seems to be a common theme.  I can usually eat or drink anything that I can get to my mouth, so it shouldn't be hard to find something. When I did IM's in my early 40's nutrition wasn't a big factor for me, I just drank water, orange juice, ate bananas and Hostess Cherry Pies, it all worked. Now in my later years nutrition may be a more important part of my training, and I am still experimenting. All of your inputs are appreciated. And yes Skip, the Glycogen stores seem to be depleted at about 1 1/2 hours or 25 miles. I did order some Cytomax Sports Drink, so we'll see how it goes. In the mean time I will try OJ mixed with water and bananas - got to love that.  



Dick - I add the zero calori Electrolyte Hydrator to some of my water bottles. 

I sometimes use the Endurance Gel and also pre-activity and post activity "potions"


How do you like the Vega products?.  I have just started trying some of them--I like their protein shake--Vanilla Chai (though I usually mix it in a smoothie) and I just picked up some of the post activity amino acid recovery drink but havent tried it yet.

Also I would add...what are you eating before you go out the door?  If you have a well-balanced meal that has enough fat, protein and "slow release" carbs (whole grains), that will help an awful lot with bonking.  If you're putting poor quality food into your engine before a longer ride, it won't last long and the bonk will be worse.  personally I've been off sugar for almost three years, wheat for a few months, and it's made my nutrition so much easier to manage.  So, for me a pre-ride meal would be a good protein (not skimping on fat), a mountain of veggies, and possibly some fruit. Chicken thigh, broccoli and blueberries.  That fuel can last me for several hours, vs the old days when I'd have coffee, cereal, bagels etc.  I'd be starving shortly after. I realize this is not the norm but it's on advice from a nutritionist and it works well for me.  Good luck!

 Indoor 1/2 Ironman  Calories Potassium - mg Sodium - mg Fiber - g 
Banana Almond Macrobar 240 300 10 6
Banana Almond Macrobar 240 300 10 6
Happy Tot Spinach/Mango/Pear 90 530 55 5
Happy Tot Banan/Peach/Mango 90 270 0 3
Happy Tot Banana/Beet/Blueberry 65 185 9 2
Happy Tot Apricot/Sweet Potato 50 285 0 2
Happy Tot Broccoli/Peas/Pear 60 135 0 3
Organic Food Bar 310 429 0 8
VEGA Endurance Gel 100 730 60 0
Natures Promise - Organic Raisins 100 260 0 1
Natures Promise - Organic Raisins 100 260 0 1
Sunview - Organic Raisins 33 87 0 0
Sunview - Organic Raisins 33 87 0 0
VEGA Electrolyte Hydrator 0 400 100 0
VEGA Electrolyte Hydrator 0 400 100 0
Fritos Corn Chips 200 0 200 2
TOTALS 1711 4658 544 39

Wayne, how did you have time to get all that in? That sounds like a lot of potassium, but I don't know how much we need in a 7 hour event like this. Do you have any info on that?


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