In prep for the Louisville IM (I'm a local), last night I attended a 6pm practice swim at the IM start by Tumbleweed Restaurant (a kayak/kayaker was with us). It was windy, with lots of chop in the water. The plan was to just swim to the end of Toe Head and back. I'm doing a sidestroke due to a bone spur in my shoulder. The regulars said they had never seen it that windy or choppy. I jumped in and after about 30 minutes I was wheezing like a freight train, and then I had an uncontrollable cough the remainder of the swim, and it continued through the night. I usually wheeze after about an hour in a pool, but I assume since I was working harder against the current I started wheezing sooner. I have not spoken to a physician about this, but I'm wondering if I need an inhaler to use before I hop in the water. I do have what the doctor defined "severe" allergies (environmental and some foods), and I take injections on a weekly basis. Anyone had experience with the need for an inhaler for exercise? I never experience the wheezing on the bike or when jogging. Keep in mind I'm slow at all 3 sports, but my plan was to just keep the bod in motion. Thanks. (OH, and last night I tried out my new Orca swim top (it HAD a few white sections on it). Now those sections are BROWN and I was told later it would remain brown. That water is NASTY. If you plan to wear anything with white, and you want it to stay white, leave it at home.)

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Hi ya ChiliDog,
This is Larry (ken combs running store) , too a local. I'm sorry you had a bad swim experience. I have just been doing tri's now for a couple years and LOVE open water. Likewise I too have nasty asthma. I have not experienced it too much when swimming mostly when running. I use the inhaler and it seems to work pretty well. DId you take a shot or two before your swim? It's been my experience if anything is TAXING then use the inhaler before. BLOW BEFORE YOU GO. I'd get used to do that...and start right away. A week isn't long!
Larry: Thanks for the repy. I'm a/k/a Cathy Hill -- part of the Team Louisville group, so you're one of my sponsors. I have not been to the doc re an inhaler, but I think I"ll call them Monday morning. I don't experience the "wheeze" until after about 30 minutes in the water, and then the wheezing begins and then the coughing. I guess that's the body's way to attempt to push air through those bronchial tubes. Wasn't able to go out for my 3 hour ride yet today because I'm whipped from coughing so much during the night. I may toughen up and head out later today. Thanks for everything Larry. You are an animal!!!! (P.S. I was there during the Gollnick camp when you and a couple other guys jumped in after the rowing ladies said they would not watch out for swimmers).
your going to do so well. Think positive and it will happen. Use that inhaler alot this week so you get your body throat and lungs used to it. And it's okay to use it before the swim even though your not yet wheezing. I'll do the same that morning along with worrying about everything else we've forgotten to do. AND LOOK AT THIS WEATHER...woooo weee...I get giddy thinking about it. Those rowers were mean wern't they. ROCK N ROLL CATHY!!!!


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