I am doing the Louisville IM this year, and need some info on nutrition.  I have done only sprint tris and one Olympic race before.  Is there a good book/other source of information somewhere?  I have heard a lot about this subject from blogs/discussions, and most of it centers around two themes: "everyone is different," and "don't eat anything during the race that you didn't eat during training."  I am looking for specific information about the following: 1) salt tablets- are they needed?? Where do I get them, how do I store them; do I take them with water, etc. 2) solid food - is it needed?  If so, what types... sandwiches, cliff bars, etc? 3) sports drinks- what kinds are best; how often should they be taken on the course; should they be diluted with water, etc. etc. 4) GUs- how many should be taken and can I survive an ironman on just these 5) anything else I should know- any other "must have" items on the race course?Also, I have low blood sugar so am looking for low-refined sugar options... thanks in advance.

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 How long were you out there? Were you hydrated when you started? About how much do you weigh? Not to discount any other input here - just trying to help - but it seems like there might be something else. 30 oz/hr during a cool marathon might be plenty. On your long runs, including your 16 miler, how did you hydrate?

well, the answers to those questions are a bit embarrassing, but here they are - i am 5'8' 200 lbs and it took me 6 hours to finish. looks terrible on paper, doesn't it? for my longest training run i had my hydration belt with 4 eight oz containers of water that i refilled once during the run - so approx 64 oz total. oddly i felt "sloshy" during this run and wondered if i had taken in too much. additionally, i sweat pretty heavily, am typically coated in a salty crust at the end of workouts (quite sexy, eh?), and have problems with extreme swelling in my hands after about 10 miles. by the end of the marathon i could not touch my pinkie fingertip and thumb together on either hand. thank goodness i took my rings off. i try to swing my arms around at least once a mile to keep things flowing, but haven't found a successful solution to that either. just thought i'd add that in, just in case it means anything. this is my first real foray into the world of endurance sports. i played basketball in college, but this is a completely different animal. thanks for your help!

Sorry Lisa, unintentional. I sent you a private msg.

no worries skip! didn't mean it like that. just embarrassing that my time was so slow and that i'm abiut 20lbs heavier than i need to be. it's the truth though - nothing i can do but roll with it and try to improve. i just want to be the best "me" i can be! :-)

My have needed more gatorade & less water.  I'm not a huge fan of gatorade while working out (esp the lemon lime usually used in races), but when I'm going more than an hour, I do drink more then just water - I have a different drink that works well for me.  However, for IMKY, I will have to work IM Perform into my training so I can get use to that for the marathon.  I will be taking my own drink on the bike, but will have to rely on aid stations for the run.

When you're working out less then an hour, water is fine.  Longer than an hour, you need something to replace the electrolytes you're losing.  I just read a part of MACCA's book this week about hydrating and how he used water and it didn't work.  I'll try to find it & pass it along later.

I am already working on my nutrition and hydration plan. Sodium has a negative connotation in our society but is critical to performance so I am working on embracing it. My current need estimate is 500 mg per hour (1 tsp pf sea salt is ~2300 mg). I followed some of the suggestions in this article and am shocked at how much I'm sweating - http://sportsmedicine.about.com/od/hydrationandfluid/a/Sodium_Salt.htm. Another article - http://sportsmedicine.about.com/cs/hydration/a/aa053001a.htm

Last Saturday during a 12 mile run I had 72 ounces and still lost 3.5% of my body weight! I wasn't sloshing at all and should have drank more but ran out. I am realizing that thevrun aid stations alone will not be enough and I am going to carry some beverage with me on the run.

I too am a Hammer Nutrition fan and use Perpetuem. I am going to try the new solid tabs too during training. Tried the banana gel last weekend and loved it! Usually I despise gels.

In 2010 at IMKY I had heat rash and got 2 IVs after the race. I will avoid that in 2012!!!

a friend of mine from long ago when we were doing these silly IM things each year, used to ask (and get) an IV at the end of the IM race. i never did (yeah call me scared of needles) but he used to be bouncing around fine an hour or so later, and i was miserable.

After my 2 with the heat rash, I felt SO much better and it did expedite my recovery a lot. One of our fellow racers this year is a nurse ;)

I'm glad so many people are posting their tips, as this is exactly what I'm trying to work out right now. I have been plagued by digestive woes while running and am working hard to come up with a solution that, first, simply lets me complete my workouts, and then maybe I can start to nail down how to optimally fuel for performance. Since I'm heading back to school for a dietetics degree, this should be fun for me, but man, being the guinea pig who has to urgently bail on a workout is decidedly not fun.  Calling nutrition the 4th discipline is no joke!

I am doing a 70.3 this weekend in Fl in the HITS series.  Any good ideas for nutrition, I am 6'2 200lbs.  Weather should be mid 80's.  I have been using Infinite and works good. But what else do I need?

too late to going changing stuff dallas. just go with whatever you feel comfortable with. 

IF on the day you start using some sports drink for instance that you havent trained with, you take the risk it might not agree with your gut. 

if you use gels, take a gel every 45 min on bike; and 1 every 30 on run - with water. if you're a heavy sweater, then pop a few salt tab's at start of run, and again a couple more an hour later.

I also like Hammer. I use Perpeteum and mix a 6 hour bottle for my calorie needs on the bike.  I also take enduralytes even half hour.  I supplement with real food like pretzels and oatmeal raisin cookie


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