Swimming is my least favorite of the 3 sports and Louisville 2012 will *hopefully* be my first IM.

I grew up in Louisville but now live in Indy - I'm very familiar with the river though.

To anyone who has done this before, how is the Louisville swim?  The current worries me, maybe just from growing up in the areas and hearing things about it, who knows.  Maybe just because I'm not a big open water fan. 

I know you start upstream near the island and then it's downstream from there, am I correct?  If the start is near that island which cuts off the current, and the rest is downstream, does this make the swim easier than most IM swims?  Why or why not?

Thanks for the help.  I'm just trying to put my mind at ease before signing up for this thing.  ANY additional info you have to offer will help!


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Yeah, but he had to wait in line for TWO HOURS.  I don't know.  Personnally,  I would rather chill in my hotel room, eat some food, use the bathroom, etc and deal with some congestion in the swim.... The waiting in line would do more damage to my psyche (meaning I would get more freaked out than normal). 

Blake, he meant waiting before the race started. They estimate it takes 45 minutes to get the entire line into the water after the start time. Many people have family that camp out overnight to hold a spot. Race morning family and friends hang out in line...when they get out of the line before the race the line condenses and starts moving. Then after the start it moves pretty fast. Just keep in mind for those that want to get in early...tons of people have the same idea! My friends and I got there pretty early after pumping up our tires in transition. We were mid-line & jumped in around 7:22 am.

I also went directly to the swim start after pumping up tires at 5 am. From what I understand family and friends are no longer allowed to hold a spot in line. Only the athlete can get in the line for their position. Last year they actually separated athletes from family. I think I also got in around 7:22. There is plenty of company to keep you distracted during the wait!

Ah good to know!

I heard that it is no longer allowed to have anyone holding a spot for you in the swim line, which I think is the way it should be. Only athletes in line.

Glad to help Blake.  I see you got your answer.  Your official time begins when you jump off the dock.  But try to get there as early as possible as you do not want to be the last one in the water.  You need to cross by midnight and you want as much padding as possible for your first.  You will do great.  Brian

I know this sounds stupid but has anyone ever taken in food on the swim or heard of anyone who has? 

Hi Chris,

That is not so unheard of.  I did the Florida Ironman this year and stuffed some energy gels in the cuffs of my wetsuit.  It is a two loop swim so you briefly exit the water and re enter.  Before my second loop I drank some water that they provide and then downed my energy gel.  It helped.  I IMKY you will need to stuf one in you tri suit(recommend above the elastic on your leg).  Around half way point reach down and stop for a brief moment and enhale your gel quickly.  You will be glad you did. 




Hey Blake,

Come visit Orlando and swim at Lucky's Lake. Lake Cane is next to Universal Studios.  The swim is free. 


Google Lucky's Lake Swim for more info.

Any idea on water temperatures?  Like most of you I am not a strong swimmer (47 min for 70.3 race) but that was with a wetsuit.  Can you still wear a wetsuit for the IMKY race? wondering what the rules are for that

Hi John, 

Water temperature is usually above 80 and that point you would not want a wet suit as it could get you too warm and eventually get you dehydrated.  Invest in a speedsuit if you can.   I have a feeling you will come in faster than you think because of the time trial start and dwonstream of the Ohio River for most of the race.  Just get alot of time in the water-long pool sessions will help.  Shoot for 2500 + swims by the time you get to KY. 



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