This news article was posted on Bloomberg this morning:




Anyone thinking about signing up on June 15th?

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It is really IMNJ, with almost no mileage in NYC.  You could not pay me to do this race.  This race was thrown together to just make money off the NYC crowd and is as appealing as "Speed 2" was as a movie.  If you are psyched about it... Then all the more power to you.  Bike and run look disinteresting and swimming in the Hudson?  Good for the non-swimmers... You can doggy paddle your way to a 45 minute Swim Split with the current.  My advice is to start looking at lodging, the transition locations, and then start looking at things like the ferrys, what ever they will do for shuttles, closed transition times and you might start seeing the headaces I do. 
Looks like a logistical nightmare!  Im excited to see the entry fee. 
I think IM works great in Madison.....It is a smaller city and you ride in the country and it has a great run. I like a more rustic area for the Ironman. LP, Canada. I do belive it is a money thing.......Let's say you have LP in July load up the truck go down the highway set up in NYC.......drive up the highway to Canada one week later......the WTC can save money and millage!!!!

For those who have not seen, here is the official race website:





I also have to call it out as a piss-poor money grab.  They are flirting with $1,000 entry fees (quoted MINIMUM of $750) and only have a $100,000 purse for a "Championship" race for IM distance?  Rev 3 Quassy pays out $150,000 for a HALF. 


I don't find the location that appealing for what I have seen as well as being a New Englander and spending time in NYC in the summer... can you say Bad Air warnings?  BIG CITY + MIDDLE of SUMMER = SMOG and bad breathing. 


Late May/Early June fine.  September - Fine. Early/Middle of August... Whoa Nelly! 

that is a good point. The purse for IMTX was only 100K
They hold an Olympic distance tri there every July or August.  The swim is super fast and clean for the most part (from what I hear).  The one bad thing that I hear is that there is a major jelly fish problem.  People were coming out of the water last year with horrible stings across their faces, arms and any other exposed piece of skin.  So not an attractive race for me.

No way I would consider doing this race.  I grew up in NJ and live an hour north of Philly; this would be the perfect place for me to do my second Ironman.  What I see is a race that takes place in NJ and has a finish line in NYC.  To have the race in August is going to be miserable for all racers.  Temperatures will be in the 90's and the humidity will be in the 90's as well.  With all of that said, there are a ton of people out there that are going to have no problems forking over $1,000 just to register for the race and then spend another $2,000 - $5,000 for airfare, logding, etc.  Good luck to anyone that does this, but count me out.

agreed north jersey in august is not a great time for this race but they sell out no problem


Since this is the "Ironman U.S. Championship", I wonder how the course stacks up on the "fairness-scale"? Florida lost the 70.3 Championship because of its flat bike portion and the resulting draft party that was possible. The swim at "NYC" IM, can, from most accounts that I've read, be described as swim heaven for the weak swimmers (with the current assist). Is the bike portion and run portion of this new IM race distinct, and challenging enough to be worthy of the U.S. Championship site? From what I can initially tell, there are more challenging bike venues out there for a I.M. U.S. Championship.

I find it interesting that the IM U.S. Championship would be held on an unproven course, when there are other IM's out there that have an established pedigree.

I did a quick map of the course on Mapmyride.com and it does not look to be an extremely tough course.  That being said, it doesn't appear to be flat either.  I would be curious to know from locals how the course would be in terms of difficulty.
Do you still have the course map/elevation? Do you mind posting a link?


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