Hi, I'm a 19 y.o triathlete, aiming for my first 70.3 next year. I would like to buy my first tri bike, and heard LOADS of positive reviews about the Valdora PHX Carbon: link which is $2300

My question is for the wheels. Aero or not Aero ? That is the question... I can have some for $1375 with the bike, but I think that's a bit off my budget...

Just on the esthetic view of it, even cheap aero wheels would do ! Do you have any websites or brands I could use ? 

I don't want my bike to look like this, because the separation in between thick carbon frame and very thin wheels is just terrible !

Any tips, brands ?

Thanks !

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you can rent race wheels too! http://www.racewheelrental.com/search.php?brand=none&rim=reset&...




you don't want to use your fancy carbon race wheels for everyday training - could hit a pothole and completely F them up

2Quik makes a good bargain wheel, so does Williams...  Unfortunately anything worth buying is going to be in the $900-$1100 range.  You certainly don't need to spend $2K for wheels.  Renting race wheels is also a reasonable idea.

I just checked Williams, Really nice deals !! 

I think I'm going for the 58mm at the front and 85mm at the rear. What do you recommend ?


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