Ok, looking for some opinions / advice here on a new wheelset.  I do half and full IM distances but have been rolling on my stock shimanos on a Cervelo P2 SL.  I like the bike but sounds like I may have some room for improvement in a new wheelset.  It seems like there are some decent wheels out there for well under $1000.  I don't want to drop cash on Zips or other high end so does anyone have a recommendation on an updgraded wheelset for $600 or less?  I've read some decent reviews for Rolf, Mavic and Neuvations but would prefer to hear what the general public are riding on.

Please let me know what you guys think and thanks for the help!

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I should also clarify that I'm 6' 2" and 190 lbs if that matters.  Riding a good balance of hills and flats, and I'm looking for a clincher wheelset that is durable for most training and races. 


I have been riding on Williams wheelsets for 3 years and am very happy. I just purchased a pair of 58mm carbon clinchers and love them. They do sell for $1000.00 though. It sounds like Williams system 30 alluminum clinchers are what you are looking for. Check out their products here    www.williamscycling.com


Whats cool is if you have any questions the owner of the company Keith Williams picks up the phone! These wheels roll nice and are as fast as he claims.   Good Luck

I got a set of SRAM 60s for about $1000 and did Louisville IM.  They are good wheels at a good price.  Check them out.

You get what you pay for and you may not get good and new for under $600.


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