I am training for my first HIM (70.3 Boulder in August).  I have a wonderful Ibis Silk bike but do not have aero bars.  Should i invest in aero bars or can I do without?  I understand there is a slight loss of power in the aero position but compensated by less wind resisitance. Any thoughts would be appreciated?

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Yes, they are going to help. I did the race in 2007 but the route is exactly the same. Once your out of the lake access road and heading to the foothills there is a looong hill (3+ mi at about a 3-4% grade) and the bars will help. The ride along the foothills heading east (miles 4-12) are good rollers and bars are of little uses and a great down hill once you turn south (drops for sure 40 mph+). Then you will use your areobars for the rest of the loop back to the lake. I will be on the areobars for about 2/3 of the ride.

BTW, I'm doing the race again this year, see you there!


Mark, the difference is massive with the aerobars. Do invest and you will notice the difference. You can spend $50 or so in a decent set of bars.

Good luck!


I have them on both my road and tri bikes and I do NOT lose power when in them, I gain power and speed by at least 2 MPH. I have had them fit to me by a pro so there is no discomfort in my arms or shoulders. I am confidant that I will be able to complete the bike portion of IM CDA with these and feel good at the end of the bike leg.


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