Any tips on keeping my goggles from fogging up while swimming??

I would appreciate some tried and true advice on how to keep my goggles from fogging up? I have very limited background when it comes to swimming and need all the advice I can get. Thanks.

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My husband uses Aqua Sphere Anti-Fog. Results..so so. I either spit in them or get tired of it happening so I get a new pair. If you are swimming in a pool you MUST wash them out with cool water as soon as your done. That will help.
I've also heard toothpaste helps, but I've never tried that. Good luck and when you figure out the solution tell us all!! : )
I use a dab of baby shampoo, just smear it in then rinse.
I second the baby shampoo approach......somehow it works!
Lick them. Same as spitting but seems to be thorough.
I lick, too. I think I started doing that to heat them up before they go on my face. I'm going to have to try the baby shampoo idea, though.
I spit in mine too and rub it around. It works well for me!
I had some Aquasphere Vista goggles, that are supposed to be anti-fog coated. They fogged up after a lap or two. I tried various things, spit, Aquasphere anti-fogging drops. They still fogged up quickly. Nothing worked. I switched to a Aquasphere Seal Mask (not because of the fogging issues, but because I wanted to try them). But I noticed I didn't have the fogging issues with the Seal Mask. So you might try getting some different goggles.
Wait for someone to kick them off your face, put them back on after flooding. :-)
If you dont want to spit in them, lick your finger and rub it along the inside just before putting them on. Just dont put them back in the water afterwards. If they still fog up, you probably need some new goggles.
Thanks everyone for the tips. I tried rubbing some spit in them and it seems to have done the trick. I have had this pair for about 8 months so I'm sure it's probably time to spring for a new pair too.
You also have to make sure you have a good seal around your eyes. Your goggels are fogging up because they are getting air inside. Maybe tighten them up a little. I was a swimmer in high school, and when we finished a workout and took off the goggles, we would still have a ring around our eyes from the goggles. but..no fog, or water in the eyes.
Hi! Here are two tips:
1. Always wash them out after a swim (preferably cold water)
2. Fill a spray bottle with distilled water. Spray or spritz the inside of the goggles. Do not dry or wipe them down. (If I remember correctly, this tip was in the USMS magazine).
Happy training!

Jennifer :)

Please don't spit on them! I've overly anal (spelling?) but then the goggles probably are placed in a dark bag with probable bacteria build-up! YUCK!! :)


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